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Autism and Careers Advice

Did you get good careers advice when you were preparing to enter the workplace? Do you now work in the field that was recommended to you?

Autistic young people report that their individual needs are not taken into account with regards to entering the workplace and they feel that they are not always expected to enter employment. Just 16% of autistic adults are in full time employment, and the percentage of autistic adults in any kind of employment has remained static for more than a decade.

So what can we do to make improvements in the area of Autism and Careers advice?

Challenge your School/College's careers advisor to become #autismaware and undertake the only Autism course written just for Information, Advice and Guidance Professionals

Developed by the leading organisations in both fields - The Careers Development Institute and Ambitious About Autism - a fantastic one-day course to support IAG professionals to adapt their practice to meet the needs of neuro-diverse clients.

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