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For Professionals - understand autism and make a difference.

All staff within your setting will benefit from being autism aware as a minimum, but having a comprehensive understanding of  autism will improve service delivery. 

As professionals across multiple disciplines we must embrace the diversity of our clients and adapt our practice to meet the needs of all.


In the Education sector, our professional training is centred on ‘typical’ child development theories; however a child with autism is following their own unique developmental path. This is why it is essential to ensure educators are trained to understand the differences that autism brings and adapt their teaching practice to meet individual learning needs.

In the Social Care sector, our professional training covers a broad range of needs for both children and adult services. Where services are providing for people with autism of any age, it is essential that the individual's needs are viewed through an 'autism lens' to ensure they are empowered to be involved in their own life decisions.

Training & Workshops for Professionals


Introduction to Autism for Professionals – an ideal starting point for professionals who which to raise awareness of autism in their setting. Suitable for all staff in all roles within the setting, overall running time approximately 2 hours, perfect for an INSET session or twilight training. Pricing on request.


Autism Confident Practice – developing a deeper understanding of the autism spectrum, psychological theories and developmental milestones. Ideal for practitioners who have regular, direct contact with children and young people.  Understanding the role relevant legislation and best practice in services and settings. A half-day session; great for an INSET day or away day programme. Prices on request.

Autism & Anxiety - a short workshop exploring the anxiety that can arise from the four key differences that make up an Autism diagnosis. Develop your understanding of anxiety as a human experience and the relationship between the physiological and psychological symptoms to better support wellbeing.

Introduction to Special Educational Needs and/or Disability - a half-day workshop to explore the definitions of  SEND in educational terms and Disability in legal terms. Understanding that diagnosis can often present in a highly individualised way and that the best support is individually tailored.

What did previous attendees think?

"it was clear and easy to follow....enjoyed the interactive sessions, which were helpful and supported what we were learning well."


"good balance of discussion and activity, content tailored to our organisation and what we do...."

"...varied teaching style...covered a lot in a short session but helped me to think about what I can do to support others..."

"Really good introduction to the to change my thinking, rather than making others fit to my view"

" Liked the conversational style....very engaging trainer. Interactive elements of the session perfectly spread through. Overall, a really lovely introduction."

"Really interesting content with lots of take home ideas - trainer was great at explaining, approachable and put in plenty of humour!"

Consultancy for Professional Settings


Bespoke interventions and support for  practitioners and settings in order to seek resolutions to specific issues - such as challenging behaviour, transitions, individual education plans and supporting EHC assessment. Advocacy and support to facilitate partnership working with families.

Please contact Valuing Autism to discuss the training and consultancy needs of your individual setting.

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